Gino Rossi - unikatowe projekty

About us

Gino Rossi features elegance, chic and fashionable design. Our brand has earned such reputation with its excellent knowledge of all latest fashion trends as well as Gino Rossi creative approach to classics.

Today, Gino Rossi is one of the most valuable Polish brands and companies operating in the footwear sector, producing and selling top quality shoes and accessories. The company was established as a result of close cooperation between Polish and Italian partners who decided to use their experience to create both men’s and women’s leather shoes designed for the most demanding customers. The company was named after one of the six founders, the Italian manufacturer - signor Gino Rossi - who not only owned the company shares, but also gave it his own name.

The company was founded in 1992 in Słupsk. Up to the present day, the registered office of Gino Rossi S.A. and the main Gino Rossi shoe manufacturing factory have been located in this city. Top quality, best Polish and Italian components and unique design, recognizable at first glance, resulted in a rapid increase in the popularity and development of the brand.

Excellent reputation of Gino Rossi products in the fashion industry is an example of how the art of shoemaking may become a part of a modern business model. The first Gino Rossi shop was opened in 1994 in Sopot. Now, Gino Rossi has a well-developed sales network of shoe shops in Poland and abroad (including Berlin, Prague and Kaliningrad).

Initially, the company specialized mainly in delivering shoes for men, but soon the company’s range was expanded to offer original and elegant women's shoes, and top quality leather accessories such as women’s handbags, briefcases and wallets, as well as some practical shoe care products.

Most of all Gino Rossi shoes are manufactured in the factory in Słupsk. However, our collections also include some outstanding women's and men's designs imported from the company’s trusted suppliers from Italy. Shoes with the Gino Rossi logo are made with great care to provide utmost precision and accuracy of execution, as well as with special attention to the selection of decorative elements. Natural leather and exquisite elegant design are the hallmarks of all Gino Rossi collections. Every season brings new amazing shoes for women and men, delighting with their incredible colors and remarkable design, representing a great combination of classics and a modern perspective of fashion and style.

Classic high heels, slender pumps and captivating ballerinas dominate in our spring and summer collections. Autumn and winter are the seasons of leather ankle boots, elegant knee-high and officer boots. The men's collections comprise mainly of tasteful brogues and lace-ups made of natural leather, perfect for formal occasions, as well as for sports and casual wear. Our collections are complemented with unique, fashionable and unconventional accessories such as flattering handbags and elegant bags for women, and stylish and comfortable bags and briefcases for men.

All products with the Gino Rossi logo are famous for their perfect design and unconventional style. They follow the latest trends and show how to combine classic elegance with a creative approach to fashion. Gino Rossi footwear is much more than just shoes.